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PIANO Skin Tightening

Improve skin laxity on virtually any area of the body

Piano Mode is a laser setting on the Fotona SP Dynamis laser machine. It is an innovative method of application that is indicated for a variety of different treatment protocols for skin-rejuvenation treatments. The Nd:YAG laser can induce controlled homogenous bulk heating of the targeted areas on the face or body. The bulk heating of the dermal tissue safely increases the temperatures on the surface of the skin to 42°-45°C to generate increased cellular activity. The higher level of heat engages the dermal structures in a process called photothermolysis, which initiates hormesis cell reaction. This is when the body responds to the increased levels of heat in the subcutaneous tissue by boosting cellular activity, thereby producing increased amounts of collagen and elastin fibres. Collagen is a fundamental structural component of the skin that affects how the skin appears as we age. The mild heat-induced stress of Piano Mode treatments stimulates the hormetic rejuvenation that assists in collagen and dermal remodelling. The results of these processes is also referred to as neocollagenesis.

  • 30 minutes

Contact Details

  • Dermcare Institute of Canada, 97 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada


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